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Our Philosophy

Liana Gerber created this company to share her love of chocolate and sweets with others. She prides herself on using fresh and fair trade products to produce delicious, beautiful creations. She has a passion for creating unique one of a kind products that both look and taste amazing to bring joy to others. We are so excited for you to taste our creations and share them with others.

Our Story

Our Products

At Life is Sweet we strive to create delicious tasting products that look like pieces of art.

Bonbons: We are best know for our handpainted, handfilled chocolate bonbons. These delicious little treats are filled with ganaches, caramel, marshmellows, cookie layers, and much more.

Panned Confections: We also produce a variety of panned confections. Panned confections are small bite sized products, such as nuts, caramels, malt balls, etc., covered in chocolate, caramel, or other products.

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Our Ingredients

At Life is Sweet we spend alot of time sourcing the highest quality, fair trade ingredients.

We are proud to use chocolate from Luker Chocolate, a family owned buisness based in Colombia. Luker produces the highest quality chocolate with focus on fair trade and sustainability.

We only use real fruit purees, high quality nuts, and no oils, syrups, or artificial flavorings.

We belive that the end product quality and tase is directly tied to the starting ingredients and this is why we work so hard to source only the best.

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