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Life Is Sweet-358

Cookies and Cream Malt Balls

Cookies and Cream Malt Balls

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Introducing our Cookies and Cream Malt Balls – a delectable fusion of homemade cookies and creamy goodness, encased in a satisfying malted shell. These delightful confections are a tribute to the comforting flavors of classic cookies and cream, reimagined for a delightful snacking experience.

Key Features:

🍪 Homemade Cookie Bliss: We've taken the essence of homemade oreo cookies, lovingly baked to perfection, and blended them into our creamy white chocolate. 

🥤 Malted Crunch: At the heart of every malt ball lies a malted core, providing that signature, satisfying crunch. It's the perfect complement to the creamy cookie crunch chocolate, creating a harmonious textural symphony.

🎉 Versatile Treat: Whether you're sharing them with friends and family during a movie night, snacking at the office, or simply indulging your sweet tooth, our Cookies and Cream Malt Balls are the perfect treat for any moment.

🌱 Made with Love: We take pride in crafting these malt balls with care, using high-quality ingredients and a dash of homemade love to ensure that each one is a taste sensation.

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